Daditude - It All Started With Story of Father

It all started with Nature when a cell species born into shapes and become humans and humans start learning to breed. 

Then from there on humans started forming families together, the roles were divided; mothers would look after the children, cook food, and clean whereas fathers were to go out and make a livelihood for the family. Ages ago this was the way things worked and from this conventional setup, the role and the importance of a father were never given the limelight it deserved.

Nowadays, in the modern world we celebrate all sorts of occasions to make our parents feel special but despite that do we truly know the importance that a father has in a child’s life. 

While almost any man can father a child but there is just so much more to being a dad in a child’s life. Let’s take a look at what a father is and his importance in a child’s life. 

Fathers play a crucial part in the emotional well-being of their kids. They act as caretakers as well as disciplinarians at the same time. As per the studies, the affection, support, and involvement that comes from a father plays an essential role in a child’s social and cognitive development as well as academic achievement. 

The relationship that a child shares with his/her father projects on to all the other relationships. Girls tend to look for men that have the same characteristics as their fathers whereas boys try to model themselves after their fathers. 

At the end of the day, a father is the pillar of the family who is constantly working hard and is always trying to make everyone happy. But unfortunately, they are also the ones that have been ignored the most when it comes to buying presents for them. 

That’s when my mission began – to offer a diversified e-commerce platform for people of all ages in their pursuit of high-quality and cost-effective gifts for their dads. With this little experiment of mine, I aim to add a little more variety to the existing “dad-market” just so that fathers can be appreciated for all the hard work that they put into making their kids’ dreams come true. I want nothing more than to communicate the strong bond present between every father and his child into my products. That is what I set out to achieve and that will remain the focal point of my business. 

Don’t fathers deserve some love all year round? Go ahead and experience the essence of fatherhood with DaddyTude. 

Our customised gifts will certainly make your dad feel loved beyond measures!

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